Attune to Release - Faceted Moldavite Gem & .925 Sterling Silver Pendant
Attune to Release - Faceted Moldavite Gem & .925 Sterling Silver Pendant
Alté Kamí

Attune to Release - Faceted Moldavite Gem & .925 Sterling Silver Pendant

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"This piece was made right before I found out the intended use of my jewelry.  Many unresolved issues, memories, traumas, etc. came up the day this piece was made.  I wanted the design to be around the gem, to really show off the intricacies, and have the light shine through it.  Instead, this turned into looking like a quarter note, which is interesting, given that its mate, Heartfelt Melody, is a treble clef.  I discovered what I have suspected since starting to make this jewelry, the gems/stones want what they want, and I provide them the home they chose.  I also got the clear message, through making this piece and the final product, that I need to start making music again, to be able to fully open my true inner beauty, and clear my past trauma." ~ Alté Kamí

You are purchasing a faceted Moldavite gemstone (2.18 ct 10.5x8mm) woven & wrapped into a .925 Sterling Silver pendant.

This Fine Jewelry Pendant is made with a Moldavite gemstone and four strands of .925 Sterling Silver. Two strands of 24 gauge .925 Sterling Silver are woven between two strands of 18 gauge .925 Sterling Silver wire.

All Alté Kamí Jewelry arrive in a highly versatile suspension box. The magnetic closure provides easy access to wear the piece, or to use as a hanging ornament, but securely holds the piece in place while mounted on a wall, sitting on a desk/table, or on a windowsill/mantle.

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