Amethyst Heart & .925 Sterling Silver Pendant - First Variation
Amethyst Heart & .925 Sterling Silver Pendant - First Variation-Fashion Jewelry-Alté Kamí-Ordinary Elegance Limited
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Amethyst Heart & .925 Sterling Silver Pendant - First Variation

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"This was my first try at making a pendant out of an Amethyst Heart. I had been avoiding trying this shape for a while because I had no idea how to secure it. This was difficult for me to push through the frustration to the end and I gave up a few times, dropped and cracked the pendant, and nicked the wire. I was determined to not be defeated and continued to push on and kept trying until it was finished." ~ Alté Kamí

You are purchasing a single "Extra" (high quality) grade Amethyst Heart Shaped Crystal woven into a .925 Sterling Silver Pendant. This piece is handmade with four strands of .925 Sterling silver. Two strands of 24 gauge wire are tightly woven between two strands of 18 gauge wire to form the setting for this stunning pendant. Enclosed in the weave is one "Extra" (high quality) grade Amethyst Heart Shaped Crystal from Brazil (approximately 1" across).


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