Forgiveness - 12x16in Mystical Abstract Oil Painting

Forgiveness - 12x16in Mystical Abstract Oil Painting

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'Forgiveness is an original abstract oil painting by AnNaHem on stretched canvas (12x16in / 30.48x40.64cm)

How hard it is to be Love.
Forgiving ourselves,
forgiving others,
forgiving ourselves for not forgiving others,
forgiving others for not forgiving us...
Love should not be such a painful struggle for us.
We yearn for Love (Divine Love) so badly,
yet direct so much of our efforts on shoving it away.
Breathe, breathe, and breathe.
Hold those uncomfortable energies tightly,
accepting, loving, thanking them,
until that immense pain melts away.
It feels like you'll never feel better again,
it would be so much better to run as far away from these energies & feelings as possible.
But then, they'll only be back later, more tears, more pain, more heartache,
until we finally comfort those energies,
and thereby ourselves.

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